Visa free Countries for Indian Passport || Book Yours Next Vacation

Visa free Countries: Today our daily life has fill with busy schedules and the result is we forget the most important moment of our life, is Travel. And there is no difficulty in booking a ticket or asking for the holiday from a boss, the problem is Visa it makes you congested whether you traveling or not!

Similarly, who likes to face lots of questions and stuck in the documentation?!

Visa free Countries for Travel

In India, there are lots of things to see and know about there interesting facts. But everyone wishes or while wish to see and travel out of India, So Don’t be sad we listed some beautiful places for traveling and it doesn’t require Visa.


The Happiest country in the world

Bhutan, Free-visa-country-for-indians

Bhutan is peacefull country and our good neighbors we have a good relationship with them. This country is the leader of the Gross Nation Happiness Index. Bhutan is popular for his beautiful nature with the beach, landscape, and wildlife. It promotes tourism and welcome foreigners but also adds some fees of USD 250 per day it includes the environmental impact of the country.

But for Indians, it doesn’t impose any kind of taxes or not required Visa for traveling. You can travel here by their own national airline Druk Air or by transport. Here Government cares about their culture and tourism they don’t allow more crowds in his country

Visa: No Visa Required for More Visit




Nepal is Northern neighbor of India here is Land of Mountain so High

Nepal. Free-visa-country-for-indians

India and Nepal have a special relationship in which both countries allow the citizens of both the country to travel easily across the country. You can travel to this country with a free visa and stay or work here. In this place the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest, it gets the crowd of tourists

Nepal is also Visa-free Countries and popular for its beauty it includes a landscape or various hills and Nepal is a beautiful corner of the country. These place is so cultured and has so many historical places as India, as you are Indian you can easily travel between the country without and documentation  you can go by train or by Air

Visa: No Visa Required




A Perfect pace for Vacation

Holiday, Free-visa-country-for-indians

Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean which was settled by the Dutch, French and British. This is divers place here are various ethnicities and religious communities.

Mauritius is a very beautiful country around this place that has white sandy beaches and one of the most unique rocky. The climate of this place always tropical and is home of various wildlife animals and fauna. Mauritius is visited by the huge number of tourists to feel and see the real beauty of nature. And Indian can travel this without any visa and can live in the country for a maximum of 60 days.

Visa: No Visa




The Las Vegas of Asia


Macau is a country on the continent of Asia which is similar to the Las Vegas of U.S.A. It was settled by the Portuguese and today it is under the Chinese sovereign. Here Tourists visit this place for its luxurious casinos and hotels. It is rich country with side of Ocean. The development and income of the country is depend on their tourists and gambling. and Macau is Visa-free Countries for Indians

Above all you can try your luck as there are several ways at your deposal. They slow down any traveller very less and Indians can travel here with free Visa and stay here for a 30 days.

Visa: No Visa




Visit one of the best cities in the world


Singapore is one of the richest places in the world and represents the spirit of modern Asia, Singapore is small and progressive Iceland and country. This place is developed in an advance manner it is both a city and a country located in Southeast Asia. Here you can see different cultures, ethnicity, communities, and most important here peoples. This country is full of excitement, surprises for first-time visitors. For Indians, Singapaur is Visa-free Countries

Visa: E-Visa for more Visit

Condition: Indian National with a passport can apply for a Singapore tourist visa that allows a stay for 30 days. They need to have a visa before their arrival.




Dream Holiday on Eurasian


Turkey established on the Border of Asia and Europe, it is a combination of Islamic Middle East impact and the impact of Christian European West. Today this country represents a modern and westernized culture that available with extra modern and most historical side hidden from the outside world.

Explore the multiple sides of the country with natural beauty landscape, historic places, fertile valleys, huge mountain ranges, rugged coastline quaint villages. Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and the most important part of this place with cafes, bustling bazaars, and the aroma of spices, enchanting belly dancers, nightclubs and hammams.

Visa: E-Visa

Condition: Indians can apply for E-visa if they are passport holders with a valid visa or resident permit form UK/US/Schengen/Ireland states.



An Arabian Places


Oman is an Arab country located on the south-eastern edge of the Arabian Ocean. Here is no difference in religion; you will see here different kind of traditions, places, peoples, like landscapes and sceneries. Beautiful beaches, history and intricate designs of forts, the lush Green Mountain, unique wildlife and endless desert will give you a shot in the arm.

After that, here are local bazaars or souks thrust with handicrafts and the most popular thing of this place Oman-frankincense. The law of cleanliness with strict will impress your mind. Their helpful Nature and Law-abiding people make this country a must-visit place.

Visa: Visa on arrival

Condition: Visa will be provided on Arrival to Indian Nationals. Oman Visa will be granted to those who reside in or hold an entry to US/UK/Canada/Australia/Japan or any other place


8.Shri Lanka

Natural Beauty and Lots to Explore


Shri Lanka is a place of Ancient and Historic, Plam-fringed Ocen beaches and colorful reefs, rainforest, and local legends. Southern India meets Buddhist Asia.

Visa: E-Visa

Condition: You can get a tourist visa for a short stay in Srilanka. you can stay here for up to 30 days.