Top Startups/small businesses in Indore


Startups/small businesses in Indore:- More than 500+ startups in Madhya Pradesh are from indore and bhopal alone. Being a traditional commercial capital, high on food and Maheshwari saree to now the tech enthusiastic startups.

Startups like tele rickshaw, tuk tuk, dhanno are competing with NATIONAL startup like Jugnoo.

Here are the list of few startups:


Top 20 startups/small businesses in Indore

Founder: Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav, Parveen Singhal

Founded in: September, 2014

Funding: Bootstrapped

WittyFeed is India’s answer to Buzzfeed in the viral content space. The startup is a modern age blogging platform for photostories and listicles. The company’s aim is to become the #1 content company in the world beating Buzzfeed and Diply, while in the process create a world-class media company catering bloggers, readers, social media influencers and brands for reaching out the audience natively.

2. MyChild App- For your Baby’s Health

Top 20 startups/small businesses in Indore?

Founder: Harsh Songra

Founded in: January 26, 2015

Funding: It has raised seed funding of $100K from 500 Startups, Pallav Nadhani and Ritesh Malik.

My Child is an app that helps parents spot developmental disorders in their child within a matter of 45 seconds. The app is for monitoring growth of children aged between 11 to 24 months. Users can ask questions related to the areas of growth in that particular period. Besides, it can even recommend specialist doctors.

3. EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu is an IT company offering web development, mobile app development, web designing, logo designing, digital marketing services.

4. Indori Zayka

Founder: Rakesh Dawani

“Indori Zayka” was launched as the first food guide in the country that is solely dedicated to one city. It has encompassed around 150 food outlets in it. The modern coffee table layout with great design and detailed content with photography is a food encyclopedia for the homies. He sold almost 1000 copies of IZ in 100 days of its release. The food guide is blended with the perfect proportion of information on food specialities, location and any other question that may strike your mind about the outlets. Indori Zayka has acquainted people with not just the new food start-ups, but the good old joints. It has not just helped people find the right food, but also succoured young restaurateurs, to settle in the right market. In nutshell Indori Zayka is your one stop for Anything and Everything about food.

5. ZiPi – Your One-Stop App!

ZiPi – You one-stop-app
Integrated power of all apps in one smart, easy to use app.

ZiPi is one-stop-app with vision to integrate all apps like restaurant search, shopping, home needs, one click taxi (ola/uber) booking without switching apps, movie timings, daily news etc in one app so that user dnt have to keep multiple apps. We are looking to replicate Wechat ( all apps in one app model) of China in India.

Currently ZiPi has 5 lac + apps inside one app which help customers in daily ( in fact hourly ) needs. ZiPi got conceptualized in October 2015 and went live on 15th January 2016. The app is available on Android and iOS store.

The founding team comprises of 4 co-founders and all of them have been in startup space from past 6 years. We are based out of Bangalore and my team comprises of 16 people.

6. oye24

Oye24, just like most of you, does not like long distance relationships and that’s why we bring your long distance relationship with delicious food to an end by delivering your favourite food and drinks at your doorstep, as fast as possible (AFAP), thanks to our revolutionary logistics technology which is best in class. Hurray .

7. MotorBabu

Founder: Avdhesh Solanki, Aditi Chaurasia, Mayank Pratap

Founded in: January 2016

Funding: Bootstrapped

Motorbabu is an app that helps users find service centres in vicinity and allow them to book services (Bike/Car) hassle free with transparency.

Motor Babu

Do you love your car? We love your car too! Vehicle Cleaning Service, Now in Jabalpur. Welcome to Motorbabu. Monthly Car Cleaning Service at your doorstep. Trained Staff. Professional Equipment. Cost Effective. Quick Support. Environment-Friendly. Time Saver. For Quick Help, Call 9691524365. MRF. Get in Touch…

There are many more startups like

Tuk tuk
Tele rickshaw
Maal gadi
Shop it daily
And still counting……. . 😛