Startup story || Top startups story in Indore

First-time startup word used by the Forbs Magzine at 15th Aug 1976

“unfashionable business of investing in startups in the electronic data processing field. .” A 1977 Business Week article includes the line, “An incubator for startup companies, especially in the fast-growth, high-technology fields.”

What is a Startup

A startup is “the first stape toward Business”. Startups always small or financed others and startup managed by a team or individual person. normally produces services which not in the competition and entrepreneur always serves a best in startups

We have some top startup stories By Indorians


Startup Name Tisharth
Headquarter: Gurugram
Founder Shivani Jain
Sector Fashion
Founded 2015


“Fashion is a very Important hor Happy life Fashion always changes as passing with time, it helps to give attractive from the outside and feel confident from inside. And Fashion designer always works to give a good looking fashion.

Shivani Jain is one of the famous Fashion designers who came up with fashion inspired by international cuts and fits under her clothing label, Tisharth.

Startup Idea of Tisharth

Shivani was looking for a beautiful dress for herself but she not finding, Shivani visited local showrooms online fashion store but not getting a choice full dress with International cut and was a moment she decided to look no further option and designed by herself. Similarly, she decided to launch she’s own fashion brand.

Indian Threads

Startup Name Indian Threats
Headquarter: Indore
Founder Abhishek Rawal
Sector Fashion
Founded 2015

The other Fashion Startup is Indian Thread it is an Indore based company which works for man’s fashion it produces high-quality man’s wear in affordable price

Today India Threads is very profitable startup, it manages by two friends Abhishek Rawal and Vishi Porwal they don’t relates any fashion profession just trying to something new which is different from other business models

There  Achievement

India Threat started from Indore in 2015, they started from a small team of Six people. Two friends which are the founder of Indian Threats one is sales and marketing and other a technical person which is handling both website and social media

Abhishek said in starting they sold only 60 shirts a month and after grow sale, they sold over 6000 shirts a month it was an effective increment in sale


Startup Name Oye24
Headquarter: Indore
Founder Manish Chhajed
Sector Food tech
Founded 2015

Oye24 Food Start, Startup story

First, the Startup story is about Food Services. So let’s start from back In 2012 ‘Inodre won the Best Foodie City Award’ by NDTV. Food Startup is very competitive, there are lots of small Businesses in the market so it is very difficult to differentiate from others.

Indorians have lots of food options just like local vendors, street food shops or established brands. When Oye24 become the favorite food startup in Indore with his 24/7 free delivery services and their effective step is no minimum order size with healthy food quality in effective prices.

Similarly, they provide both services, you can order food from home or at its own in-house kitchen.


when Oye24 got the responsive result from audiences and their happy customers are mostly the young generation or delivery services at night.

Oye24 started in November 2015 and today they are getting more than 350-450 orders per day during the weeks or weekends it will increase up to 450-550 orders per day. 47-year-old Manish Chhajed, Co-founder of Oye 24.