RangPanchami Ger Indore || The Traditional Holi Festival..

Indore gears up for ‘Ger’ from Bada Ganpati area:

Rang Panchami

Rang Panchami Gair


 Rang Panchami:- While Holi is one of the most important festivals, which is celebrated to welcome spring, Indore celebrates Rang Panchami with more enthusiasm. Everyone has a unique way of celebrating and rejoicing the triumph of the good over the evil.

Most of the festivities and celebrations of Rang Panchami take place in Rajwada area. The famous ‘Ger’ pass through the narrow streets spraying colours. Those families who do not feel comfortable in the crowd at Rajwada are planning host various other bashes for people. Indore is known to celebrate the festival with colours with a lot of dance, music, bhaang and feasting throughout the day.

Rang Panchami:

Rang Panchami

Like every year ‘Rang Panchami’ will be celebrated with much enthusiasm and religious fervour in city on Tuesday, as on the eve, people were all set with colours to play Holi for the second time and make the regional festival a gala one.

Four ‘gers’ and two ‘faag yatras’ will be taken out amidst shower of gulal and other ‘dry’ colours, with Dholaks, DJs and other musical instruments adding more to the festivity. All the traditions and rituals would also be observed during the day.

‘Rang Panchami’ reached its peak during the time of Holkars and the craze for the festival has evolved great since then. This year’s carnival will see a slew of interesting events organised by specialists to ensure Indoreans do have a good time on the day.

Several faag yatras and gers would be taken out across the city but four ‘gers’ and two ‘faag yatras,’ taken out from the heart of the city will be the main attractions of the day.

Meanwhile, district administration and police are on their toes to ensure security and the festival passes off peacefully.

Rang Panchami Indore:

Heavy police force would be deployed at strategic and sensitive locations to manage the heavy rush of revellers. Police have already put a tight vigil on criminal and antisocial elements to prevent repeat of any untoward incident like the harassment of an NRI woman at the hands of some anti-social elements during a ‘ger’ two years ago.

Apart from administration, while households are ready with special delicacies to greet friends and family members before plunging into celebration.

Shops at various market places have already covered themselves up with waterproof sheets to avoid splash of colours.


Rang Panchami

Waterproof sheets to avoid splash of Colours

One of the important traditions of Rang Panchami is ‘Faag Yatras’ or ‘Ger’ taken out from Bada Ganpati area, all the way to Rajwada via Malharganj. People normally sing and dance, and play with ‘gulal’, colours and join the procession.

Some Reviews:

Discussing the importance of festival, businessman Ajay Vishwakarma said-

“Rang Panchami falls on the fifth day of the month of Phalgun and is considered to be an auspicious day in our family.”

His entire family comes together with enthusiasm and zest to make each Rang Panchami memorable.

“Our idea of Rang Panchami is wild, we all are drenched in colours the entire day”

Vishwakarma said. He said that they even eat while being coloured, which makes it fun.

Talking about the preparations of the day, homemaker Asha Chouhan said-

“We are preparing feast, call on the DJ and organise various outdoor fun games for the day.”

She elaborated that extravagant lunch and dinner with three course meal is prepared for the day.

Discussing her plans for the day, student Shrestha Singh said-

“We barely get to get celebrate Holi because of examinations, but we always celebrate Rang Panchami with fervour.”

She said that her school examinations generally end in second week of March.

“My mother is preparing ‘samosa’ and ‘jalebi’,” Shrestha said.

She exclaimed saying that her brother is in town for celebrating festival of colours.