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Rajwada The Heart Of Indore :
Rajwada The Heart Of Indore
Rajwada-Holkar dynasty -Malhar Rao Holkar is the founder of Rajwada and it was built in 1747 A.D.

Rajwada The Heart Of Indore is a popular tourist spot inside Indore city of Madhya Pradesh state. It is in western part of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the oldest historical structure in the city. Holkar dynasty -Malhar Rao Holkar is the founder of Rajwada and it was built in 1747 A.D.

In around Indore city we will notice most of the historical monuments and marks are of Holkar dynasty as they ruled here for long duration and was the last dynasty before Britishers. Malhar Rao Holkar used Rajwada as his residence and stayed here till 1880 A.D.

This remarkable mammoth 7 storied palace stands in the heart of the busiest part (Khajuri Bazaar) of the town. It is also close to the Chhatris. After independence Indore city expanded with development of new areas. Now a days it is considered as old Indore.

Facing it is a garden with a statue of the great Queen “Ahilya Bai”. The face that enclose the gateway of the palace gives an impression of a rather forbidding wizard`s castle. This remarkable palace serves as an living example of the Grandeur of Holkars dynasty.


The architecture of this building is a mixture of Maratha, Mugal and French style. If we observe its southern portion, we will notice the impression of Mughal architectural style where eastern part has European style. Darbar Hall, Rani Ahilya Throne and Ganesha Hall was developed in French style.

The monuments made up of gopura stone and wood structure, balconies and windows studded with flanked bastions, arch-shaped entrance, wooden door with iron studs provides the testimony of the past grandeur of Holkars.

The three lower stories are made up of stone and are painted in a dark brown format. The upper floor is made up of wood, which made it very vulnerable to be destruction by fire. In the history Rajwada The Heart Of Indore was burnt 3 times and the fire that led in 1984 caused the most destruction and then it was converted into a garden.


In 2006 the present Maharani of Indore H.H.Ushadevi Holkar decided to rebuilt the ford and bring back its past glory & prestige. Architects Himanshu Dudwadkar and Shreya bhargava were called to redesign this fort.

In 2007 was completed and again attained his place in the history. It also became the first building in India which has been rebuilt with the same material, style and method that was been used in the previous time to construct the Rajwada palace.

The three floors rising above them have their windows outline in white. Which is giving the impression of multiple eyes grazing down at one from a well-defended fortress. Its huge entrance archway made above the huge wooden doors. The doors coated with iron studs, leads into a vast court yard enclosed by the gallery rooms and arcaded Ganesh hall.

It was the place where religious functions of the states were once held. Art exhibitions and classical music concerts take place here. While walking through the gates of the palace there are bright sunlit, quadrangles.

Rajwada The Heart Of Indore:

In the palace Holkars has followed the example of there Queen Rani Ahilyabai the surrounding made here is very welcoming and been accessible to the humblest of there subject.

Indore city in which Rajwada the heart ofis located, lies on Malwa Plateau. Climate here between trophical dry to humid subtropical climate. All 3 seasons: Winter, Summers & Monsoon can be observed here. Winters begins from November to February. Summers can be observed from March to June where as Monsoon can be enjoyed from July to October. It received south-west monsoon from Arabian & Indian Ocean sea. Here we can’t observe extreme climatic condition

Light and Sound Show at Rajwada:

A splendid sound and light show takes place at the Rajwada The Heart Of Indore from Tuesdays to Sundays, at 6:30 PM and is a must watch for history lovers to wish to know more about the palace and unravel its mysteries.

Best time to visit Rajwada:

The best time to visit the Rajwada The Heart Of Indore is from the month of October to March. The weather is the most pleasant at this time of the year.

How to Reach Rajwada:

The Rajwada The Heart Of Indore is located on the M.G. Road in Chhatris in Indore. The palace is accessible via the Mahatma Gandhi Road and the Imli Bazaar Road. You can quickly reach this place using any mode of transport from almost all parts of the city, and if you are coming from a nearby place, rickshaws are the best option.


Rajwada  The Heart Of Indore was the popular place of Indore city since its history as it was the residence of the founder of dynasty who ruled and developed the city. It was the power center of region. It is also known as  The Heart Of Indore.

Later Indore city developed in all directions, maintaining it as in Center of city. Now a days, area is wholesale cotton market and center of trade. It still maintain its importance among visitors and for those who are in trade of Cotton & vessels.

By Air:

 As it is in Indore city, Ahilyabai Airport of Indore is the nearest airport for reaching it by air. It is well linked with other cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Raipur, Hyderabad, Jabalpur etc. The city is growing and becoming industrial capital of Central India, its air-connectivity will increase very soon.

By Train:

 City has more than one railway station among which Indore Junction in city is the main railway station. City is well connected directly by train from major cities and tourist destinations like: Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Nagpur, Bhopal, Agra, Jaipur, Ranthambore, Chennai, Tivandrum, Surat, Gaya, Kolkata, Varanasi etc.

By Road: 

Being important trade center and largest city in Central India, road connectivity of Indore is very good. 03 National Highways and 02 State Highways passes through Indore city which connects it with important places like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Betul, Jhansi, Burhanpur, Bhopal etc.

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