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Organic food farmer: whole the world is suffering from global warming and the result is climate change, air pollution, water crises. this problem is causing by Human Being. Above all, we are not able to breath fresh air It means we don’t know about the upcoming major problems, Ofcourse we know but we don’t care about it,

Because we don’t have any kind of attachment with nature. But some great nature lovers who believe in conserving their environment because they think to protect from what we are doing.

This article is dedicated to Sandeep Saxena who is the man behind developing 6000+ acres of ‘Food-Forests’ in villages of Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh”

Organic food Farmer Sandeep Saxena

The 44-year-old Sandeep Saxena he did graduation from IIT-Kanpur and postgraduation from IIM Lakhnow. In 2006 when he returned from the USA he was employed at MNC, and on his job, he involved in researching the Indian economy.

On his Research

While he was Research in Indian economy he found what is the end border of agrarian distress in our Nation. He realized that all over the Nation a water level is going down and water resources become finished and the forest is chopped in the name of Development.

Similarly, When the plantation will finish, it will affect a Climate and rainwater cycle becomes the change and then crop failure. And as well it will effect on the sectors, but the farmer will affect most.

His Intentions

His Great Intention to work toward the farmers, he dropped his job in 2007 and he got the Aranyaani to fulfill his mission. he researched on the ecological conditions of different states across India for nearly two years, and finally, he found the concept of ‘food forest’.

What is Food Forest

Food Forest is a method that is used for Organic food Farming, a food forest is created naturally without any harming resources and we can also reconstruct any forest for farming without any ecological imbalance.

Sandeep Saxena traveled to MP to represent his purpose of Food Forests. He Came in a rocky place, which very popular for mining and it is no longer good for the farming purpose

After that, Sandeep Saxena has done this impossible thing and converted this place into a food forest


Structure of Food Forest

The Structure of Organic Food Forest is such that first hardy trees like banyan trees, peepal are planted in the center of the place. And then other green plants are like fruits green veggies are planted around that and at last, on the outer border of plants, lentils and Legumes are planted

Use of Infamous Shrubs

The trees against farmer community Sandeep Saxena made useful in the control of temperature plants. Once the effective method in plantation with a process on the farm in Sohagpur. More than 100 acres in the land, the roots of hardy plants were set after a year.

Different kind of crops

In different monsoons, they plant other crops. he grows medicinal plants like Alovera, neem, vetiver, and moringa. in the fourth year, they used a vibrant system in which in the summer heat they use biomass present in the plants or in the cold monsoon they prevent from each plant

“The best part of Sandeep’s method is that their Production of crops is organic, and it required less human intervention. Everything belongs to the machinery or chemicalized is avoided


His farming journey

With a conventional way of Farming is not so easy it a very difficult task to do differently from others. He took help from earthworms, microbes and snakes, honey bees, birds, and other animals!

Similarly, the earthworms replaced the millions of soil stacking machine to keep their channels open, and the bees helped in the fertilization process.

Sandeep method took four years to develop a full-green forest with 175 different types of trees and plants.

His large trees helped him for the formation of streams. “His Organic food Farmer forest also provides shelter to birds, bees and animals. Similarly, they also constructed Honey production trees for honey. In MP’a villages contains both organic and exotic produce.”

What we are doing with nature is good or bad, we don’t care about it but “Sandeep Saxena” is working on repairing. If we serve our environment like Sandeep has, drop by drop the water pot filled

Organic food Farmer Sandeep Saxena is working on organic farming with avoiding machinery, chemicals, with less use of water in the plantation for saving water

you can also visit their website to know more

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