Monsoon trip || Most Beautiful places for Monsoon trip in Indore

All body knows rains bring extra greenery and grassland, everything becomes wetted, so much water in the road, too sluggish unless you have an Indore monsoon trip when the monsoon comes in Indore, the city is going to enjoy this session with special trips.

Indorians very well know how to enjoy this super wetted days, whether they are foodies or fantastic people, so let’s know how to celebrate savan better than anywhere in India, even without swings and peacocks MP Tourism

1. Mandhavgarh  (Mandu)

In Monsoon trip Mandhavgarh is one of most choices place in Indore and it is a top tourist place attraction spots, and Mandu has always been a most favorite to every individual of Indore special in wetted monsoon.

Madhavgarh is an attractive and very historical or mysterious place, A vast architecture that stands up to Madhya Pradesh’s most admiring and exclusively while the tourism senses rains.



2. Patalpani waterfall

In Monsson you are planing for a picnic, Patalpani most nature-friendly place here enough excitement in wetted days. Reach here by train or Bus as you can

Patalpani is one of the most graceful picnic spots near the Indore city and for tourists. The best time to visit this place in August & September, this mountain place is also home to various flora and fauna, it is not just for photographers in Indore and also a great traveling place for during weekends.


3. Omkareshwar

For Monsoon trip Indore is the best tourist place, but if we say out of outside from Indore then the first place in tourism is Temple of Shri Onkareshwar & Shri Maheshwar Jyotirlinga it is one of the most popular places to visit nearby Indore areas.

In a small hill, Omakreshwar is established this place is shaped by the sign of  “OM” it is an ever-growing tourism place is here. this place also includes a holy river the Narmada this thing makes it the most attractive tourist place list in Indore. more specifically in monsoon

Omkarshwar, Monsoon-trip-in-Indore


4. Ralamandal

It is Indore’s first wildlife Sanctuary is spread over a total self-owned or hired a four-wheeler vehicle for traveling inside the forest. Inside there a Forest house which is now available for  Indore accommodation

Similarly, A hunting hut, which is developed by the people of Holkar state which is now converted into an Indore information center.

Above all, this nature-friendly place is perfect for the adventured or trekking, the travelers come around Indore. After that, In the wetted season here parks, ponds, watersides, Flora and fauna makes is attractive place between the travelers

Ralamandal, Monsoon-trip-in-indroe


5. Gomatgiri

Similarly, In Katni they had Mahiyar, In Devas they had Tekri, and Indore has Gomatgiri in Water Monsoon it looks like real Gree wally, it is near a Holkar International Airport in Indore, and here is Jain Temple that also makes a pleasing side seeing.

It has a Gomateshwar statue their hight is 21 feet it has also 24 marble temple and Each one of the temples look like 24 Tirthankars of Jain religion and attracting tourist for traveling at the Wetted monsoon

Gomatgiri, Monsoon-trip-in-indore

6.Sitlamata Waterfall

In Indore, Sitlamata waterfall is Popular picnic spots in monsoon season. Indore Mumbai National Highway NH3 near Manpur village, Sitlamata waterfall is established, 3  natural caves are here, the humor is cave is used for hiding Holkar Pindaris.

Sitalamata waterfall makes it so nature-friendly and lovely place for a picnic and in the beautiful shade of water you can dip in the waterfall in monsoon season



Kalakund is one of the beautiful places for a picnic spot which is located in the Mhow-Khandwa railway line. Kalakund is also the most dangerous water heritage in Madhya Pradesh when you go from Mhow railway station, first, you will see Patalpani, choral river, and then after natural water pond

Travelers coms swimming or enjoying the side seen of water, the area is covered greenery and the plants, birds, wildlife animals or many things.


8.Kaligarh Fort

Kaligarh Fort is located in a small town on Khandwa road and covered from the beautiful green valley. The fort is famous for trekking, rope adventure, rock climbing, river crossing, and night camping. it also has a waterfall in the wetted season this place becomes so exciting for adventure

However, it is not good with family or small group for safety purpose  near this fort has Kajigarh Mahadev Temple in Simroh road and attract many religious people from thousands of years

In Monsoon Season this place is best for the picnic it has beautiful Waterfall around the fort has natural beauty wildlife animals, ponds, birds, hills but still, before sunset, you can not stay here after that because here some unsecured reasons are here.