Indore Garba Mahotsav || Navratri Special

Indore Garba Mahotsav

Indore Garba:- Indore city is all geared up to awaken the ‘Shakti’ Navratri with gaiety and fervor. Yes, the cleanest city of India, Indore each year welcomes the 9-days Navratri celebrations with colors, music, prayer and yes about for ‘Garba. One can find the high level of enthusiasm and the electrifying atmosphere at the pandals that come up on various roads and colonies that reverberate with gala Garba extravaganzas. From the first Garba Mandal of Lal Gali to Abhivyakti Garba and Ras Ullas to Durga Puja of the Bengali Club, the nine-day festival is truly reminiscent of worship of the glory of the Divine Maa Durga in various forms.

The whole Indore celebrates the mood of Garba every year

From fast to spirituality proclivity, most people quote Navratri as the most powerful days of the year. Each day of the fiesta begins with aarti and then a themed dance kicks off with dandiya sticks swaying to the beats of foot thumping music.

Major Garba events that Indore hosts every year


Abhivyakti Garba:


Indore Garba
Abhivyakti Garba has become the most attractive and popular Garba destinations amongst most Indorians. Even though it is organized for a shorter duration compared to the other nine-day festivities, Abhivyakti Garba attracts a large number of participants and audience to celebrate the presence of Maa Durga in all her divine forms.

Ras Ullas:

Indore Garba
Ras Ullas or Race Course Road Garba is considered to be one of the first community Garba festivals in the city. Known for its elegance and simplicity, Ras Ullas has always kept the essence of joyous celebrations of Navratri alive. The color-themed Garba and an exciting crowd have gathered for years to mark the celebration.

Pankhida Garba:

Garba In Indore
Pankhida Garba organized at the Basketball Complex, Indore is widely known for the appearance of celebrities. The indoor stadium of this garba place features wooden flooring and multi-level seating for thousands of audiences.

Hind Rakshak Garba:

Garba In Indore
Hind Rakshak Garba, a themed-based fest is organized at Dussehra Maidan wherein a lot of participants dance in the rounds on traditional music.

Saket Na Garba:

Garba In Indore
Saket Na Garba organized since 1985 is also one the most popular Garba festivals of the city. The participants receive awards for best dancers, dress and in many other categories.

Food delicacies of Navratri

Nobody can match the scale of festive celebrations with food loving people of the city. In fact, the nine-day celebration goes hand in hand with food festivals. Various Garba celebrations in the city organize food festivals ranging from two to nine days. These food festivals serve dishes especially for people observing the nine-day fast. From traditional delicacies to Sabudana Khichdi, everything is on the platter.
Bengali Club holds its own food fest, where the grounds turn a paradise for non-vegetarian foodies as for Bengalis, Durga Puja is an occasion to binge on kebabs and biryanis. Which is a must for Bengalis worldwide in puja days. Other communities to serve prasad as part of the religious condiment.

Lose four kilograms in nine days

In other parties promoting fitness, zumba instructors designed special steps to boost metabolism while clicking sticks. Talking about the designing of steps, instructor Aarti Maheshwari said, “Garba has drumming beats that blend beautifully with fast and rocking steps, which are must for losing weight with zumba.”

People unite on these nine-days and partake of the merriment that accompanies Navratri

All communities, irrespective of their caste, creed or status unite on these nine-days and partake of the merriment that accompanies Navratri. Call it by what name you will celebrate the way you want it, but for Hindus, from north to south. These 9-days remain some of the most pious and sacred days of the year. The celebrations are grand and magnanimous in their scale and scope. Perhaps somewhere it reflects the power of Maa Durga. The importance she holds in our hearts as the destroyer of evil.
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