Choithram Hospital & Research Centre Indore

Choithram Hospital and Research Centre believes that research is vital to the mission of providing affordable and state of the art medical care and treatment to all the patients. It encourage their consultants and  students to conduct and publish research that is directed for the benefit of mankind.

Choithram Hospital

Choithram Hospital

Benefit of Mankind:

Choithram Hospital and Research Centre firmly believes that research and innovation is an important part of providing affordable medical care and advancing their mission. The research conducted at Choithram Hospital and Research centre allows them to bring new treatment protocols and medicines into practise.

Lead the Way Forward:

Research is one of the ways they can reduce costs and provide better health care services to the patients. They want to be part of the small group of private hospitals that invest their resources in research. Ultimately, research has been the founding stone of  modern medicine and research will take forward.

Professional Development:

The active involvement of doctors and students in research keeps them abreast with the latest trends and best practises. Research publication is also a way for experienced medical practitioners to share their knowledge and insight with the rest of the medical community.

Clinical Research:Related image

Choithram Hospital & Research Centre boasts that it is not only a super-specialty hospital well known for its patients’ care, but is one of the few Indian trust hospitals to have large number of research papers- all research directed for the benefit of mankind and health. To encourage research, the committee gives awards to the authors after successful publication in national and international journals (Research awards).

The DNB students (DNB dissertations), M.Sc. students (M.Sc. Dissertations), Ph.D students (Ph.D Thesis) form the active research workers. Despite being a trust organisation, several research projects are funded by National Govt. bodies such as ICMR, DST etc. and many projects are supported by private agencies and by the hospital itself. The projects which involve ethical issues are referred to the strong and reputed DCGI registered ethics committee of the hospital; before final acceptance by the research committee.


The Management of Choithram Hospital and Research Centre is committed to provide affordable, state of the art healthcare to all their patients. There are 4 priorities of the management:

  • Sustain a culture of teamwork and providing high quality services

  • Make world class medical facilities and services affordable

  • Create an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence

  • Promote medical research and education

Choithram Hospital

Diagnostics Services:

  • Nuclear Medicine
  •  Pathology
  •  Radiology
  • Non Invasive Cardiology- TMT, Echo, Colour Doppler, ECG, Holter
  •  EEG/EMG
  • Respiratory laboratory


  • ICU
  • 350 Beds
  •  Pathology
  • 24 Hours Dialysis Services

Home Care Services:

  • Pathology- Home pickup facility available

The Leadership of Choithram Hospital and Research Centre :

Dr. Amit Bhatt 

Deputy Director Medical Services

A hard working, quality conscious and devoted trouble shooter, he is always available for help in any critical situation. He is always in close touch with the hospital staff.


Manik Bagh Road
Landmark: Near Choithram School
Manik Bagh, Indore

Timings:- Open 24 x 7

Modes of Payment:

Credit card | Debit card | Cash | Cheque | Insurance

Number of Beds – 200

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