Biggest Movie Theater in Indore || Miraj Cinema

Biggest Movie Theater in Indore Know Everything About it

Biggest Movie Theater in Indore is Miraj Cinema – It feels we are in the real imagination world 

History of Miraj Cinema

Velocity ||| Theater is one of the similar parts of Multiplex in Indore is now changed with the “Miraj Maximum Cinema”.

Miraj cinema is also another face of Miraj Entertainment Limited, it is a growing brand in the movie window sector, it is a very popular Movie exhibition company in India, now Indori will also enjoy this fabulous multiplex in the city it comes with lots of services at watching a movie.

Miraj Industries Established in 1987 by Mr. Madan Paliwal, Miraj Group is the biggest Business Brand in the Nation it has different kinds of Businesses such as ‘Tobacco, FMCG, Pipes, and Fittings, Stationery, Infrastructure development.

In the year 2010 Miraj Groups next stape in Entertainment Industries and there movies like ‘Queen destiny of dance, ‘Tell Me O Khuda’, ‘Sona Sapna’,’Madaari’ and now in the Movie window sector

In the Years 2012 and after 6 years of its journey it has today more than 110 screens in India 41 locations across 14 states and 28 cities.


Miraj is Using the latest technology in Theaters

“Miraj Cinema” is using the latest Screen tech in the theaters it seems like 4K laser projectors and Dolby Atmosphere sound.

A 4K laser projector is the latest technology in the screen resolution, it creates a high-quality ultra HD image for the movie image. it has manly larger pixels than the normal screen it means it has much clarity in the movie

with 4k picture quality, developed Dolby Atmos it includes multiple sounds systems placed on around the theater for generating, 3D sound like the real voice of content. Tech used for cinematographers or sound mixers feeling like real sound for audiences. And the audience can hear the action.

Movie at Miraj Maxima Cinema is an Awesome way to enjoy your weekend in the city, their screen features and sound quality it makes different from other movie theater in Indore,

This Movie theater is the most popular for his screen but also for his other perfect services just like it is a good architect their comfortable seating panel full Air conditioner perfect security management and most important is there new technology which makes it awesome whatever type of movie it is the action or drama or tragedy it gives you real feel of pictures.

It will be the Largest Movie Theater Chain in India

Today “Miraj Maxima Cinema” is a growing Movie theater chain in India it has more than 110 screens over the nation and the upcoming 5 years Miraj will be the leading brand in the Entertainment market. Miraj Maxima got several identities just like ‘Best Marketing Initiative” among the different marketing group


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